The room is a place where we usually spend a lot of time. For children, the room is a place for them to play and rest. Therefore the room needs to be made as comfortable as possible. Children’s bedroom inspiration is now much sought after by parents so that the room design can be adapted to the child’s character.

Adjusting the room design to the child’s character is considered quite important because an attractive room will help children develop their imagination. In addition, a comfortable room will also make children feel more at home.

If you are a parent who is looking for ideas for children’s room designs, you can listen to the explanation below. Hopefully you can find the best children’s bedroom inspiration ideas.

Benefits of Designing a Children’s Bedroom

Cute and attractive room designs will certainly make children feel happy and comfortable. Designing a child’s room is actually not only related to aesthetics but also has a good influence on children.

In fact, designing a bedroom is not just a matter of choosing paint or interior design. Furthermore, there are benefits that will be felt by children.

Make children more comfortable

Adults will certainly feel comfortable with rooms that are neat, clean, and have unique designs. The same is true for children. They will feel happier if they are in a room with a design that catches their eye.

With an attractive room design, children will feel comfortable and also feel at home doing activities in the room. In addition, rooms with attractive designs will also affect the child’s mood for the better.

Giving children space to learn and develop

Parents often ignore the design of a child’s room because they feel that a room designed in such a way will not affect the child. Please note that a comfortable room and a design that children like can help them in their growth and development.

The room can be a learning area as well as a play area if designed properly. With designs that are liked by children, children will become more comfortable and easier when learning.

Sharpen creativity and imagination

Children’s rooms designed in certain styles can also help children hone their creativity and imagination. For example, using a wall wallpaper with a picture of a tree will stimulate children to think about various things related to trees.

By knowing the benefits of designing a children’s room, parents are expected to provide an attractive and comfortable room for their child. Parents can find inspiration for their child’s bedroom through the internet, TV, or even magazines. Parents can also observe children to find out what things they like.

Children’s Bedroom Inspiration

In designing a child’s bedroom there are several things that need to be considered. Among them are children’s characters, what they like, to what characters or stories they like. Little information like that, makes it easier for you to find the room design they like.

To get children’s bedroom design ideas, you can immediately listen to the 6 inspirational children’s bedrooms below.

Colorful room

The inspiration for a child’s bedroom that you can sample for the first time is a bedroom with a colorful concept. The walls of the room can be painted in bright colors or in a color the child likes.

You as a parent can also use furniture with certain colors. In addition to using colorful furniture, colorful and cheerful concepts can be generated from the use of bed linen or displays that have contrasting colors.

Room with play area

Every child wants to have a play area in their home. If your house doesn’t feel wide enough to create a play area, the solution to making your room a play area is the right choice.

The inspiration for this one child’s bedroom can also be developed by providing carpets and also mini tables and chairs for children’s play areas. Parents can also provide shelves or boxes to store toys so that everything stays neat.

Room with study area

The room is not only used as a place to unwind. However, it can also be used as a children’s study room. Currently, the concept of combining a bed and a study room has been widely applied. The advantage, you can save space for a small house.

For a spacious room, the addition of chairs and study tables can be a solution. However, if the room is too narrow, you should not add other furniture. Better to make vertical wall shelves to save space, then a comfortable rug for studying.

Installing motivational words or successful figures in the room is also an interesting idea so that the nuances of learning are more pronounced.

A room with a child’s favorite character theme

Every child has their own favorite cartoon character or superhero. If the child has shown signs that they like a certain cartoon, parents can design a room with the cartoon theme.

For example, when your child likes the princess character, you can decorate the room with things related to the princess. Or if your child likes the Tayo cartoon character, you can use a bed shaped like a Tayo bus or just use a bed sheet with a Tayo motif.

Room with mezzanine

The next example of a child’s bedroom inspiration is a room with a mezzanine. Mezzanine is a one-story residential concept with an additional floor. Usually, additional floors are not made of concrete, but rather materials that are easy to assemble and disassemble. One of them is wood with a sturdy material.

You can use the additional floor as a child’s bed so that later the ground floor of the room has a large size. While the available downstairs space can be used as a play or study area.

Double Bed

Now, the last child’s bedroom inspiration that can be used as a reference is a room with two beds. This type of room can be used for twins or siblings.

With this concept, of course, the relationship between children will become closer. They will also learn about the concept of sharing.

The concept of a room with two beds can be realized by placing two beds opposite each other. You can also use a bunk bed so that the impression of a spacious room can still be obtained.

Designing a child’s room is certainly not an easy thing. However, it is also not something that is too difficult to do. The 6 inspirational children’s bedrooms above can be used as references to design a comfortable and attractive child’s room. Before designing a room, be sure to also ask the children about the designs they like. So that later parents and children will feel satisfied.


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