A TV is an essential item for living rooms. You can make your TV the focal point of the room or hide it. These tips will help you create a layout that suits your personality. You don’t just need to place your TV on a stand.

Your recreation area can be transformed by simply adding decor to the TV stands that match the overall design. This is a great opportunity to bring style and personality to your room. These 7 ideas for TV stand decor will make your console look fashionable.

Place the TV on the Wall

Your TV should be mounted on a wall. Let me tell you why. First, TVs mounted to the Wall look better. Second: The legs of the TV stand are not visible, making them less prominent in the room. The third is that no cords protrude from the back of the TV. The TV Units make the room seem larger by having them mounted on the Wall. It’s a win/win situation.

These days, there are many options for attaching TVs. The television can be secured, so it doesn’t move. The TV can be adjusted, so it moves up or down. You can also mount it on the arm, which allows you to move the TV in any direction you like. This allows you to see it from any point in your room.

To make your TV room appear more natural, you can use a feature wall made of timber boards. This is a common way that homes are being moved. We are trying to integrate natural elements into our homes to feel closer to the earth, despite all of the technology we have in our homes. This is without a doubt a great way to do it. If you are creative enough and enjoy a bit of DIY, you can even make it yourself.

Side Shelves and Floating Unit

This is a great place to start if you are afraid of doing substantial work near your TV. This is also an excellent option for small spaces. While larger areas may benefit from more elaborate joinery, smaller spaces can still benefit from the simple design.

The TV can be placed directly above it or to the side. This is dependent on the Wall’s ability to hold it. Because it is unique, bespoke joinery should only be used for living spaces.

Create a wall collection

To distract your attention from the TV, hang your favourite pictures, wall art and frames all over the Wall. For a pop of colour, choose a colour scheme of three to four colours. A combination of light and dark colours will give your TV a modern, clean look. You can add elements in pairs or groups of three or five: Mount accessories to your TV in groups of three or five.

Try a Paint effect on the Wall. The paint effect is a great way to reduce the glare from the TV.

It should be placed just above your fireplace.

It is possible to hide a TV by adding another focal point. A TV placed over a fireplace creates an impressive moment for the Wall. If the fire is roaring, everyone will pay attention to it.

Mix and match your stand’s decor

Harmony in your living space can be achieved by having your TV stand decor match the cabinet. Look for more prominent items in the TV’s colour than the stand. A colour palette will make shopping easier.

Different neutral tones are good . A living space with various neutrals can make it seem lush and inviting. Mixing colours can make a room appear more spacious. If a living area is entirely white and filled with bright colours, it can look like it’s in a tunnel. Combining lighter and darker shades creates a dynamic aesthetic that is balanced and gives it depth. Every area benefits from having a mix of brightness and darkness.

Explore Shapes

Your TV stand furniture will be more dynamic if it has pieces that vary in size, content and structure. You don’t have to make your design bold or dramatic. This would distract from the TV’s attention. Use a simple shape instead. A fireplace can have sconces. You can keep the design simple with a few sconces and highlights in the corners of the TV.

Place items on either side to achieve balance. Place a tall vase near your TV, for example. To make the vase higher than your TV, fill it with long branches. Place something on the opposite side of your TV. Place similar items on each side of your TV to create symmetry.

Place items on the sides and under the TV to border it. You can place lamps or flowers similar to your TV on one end and something taller and slimmer underneath it, such as a wooden planter. Make sure plants are not visible from the TV when you place them in the container.

Artificial Plants are Recommended

Artificial plants can add life and colour to your TV stand. Pair two different imitation plants to create an elegant faux-plant concept on your TV. This will give your space a luxurious and elegant appearance. The fun part is choosing the right artificial potted plant. The perfect vase will enhance the beauty of your space. Keep your style in mind when choosing the right vase.


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