Don’t ever think you don’t need a mirror at home just because you can fit yourself through a cell phone. The main function of the mirror is to look in the mirror, but the benefits when you put this one piece of furniture in your home are much bigger!

Having a mirror at home can even make you feel comfortable. You see, these mirrors can bring advantages in terms of beauty to the functionality of the room. For these reasons, many home interior design concepts, from Japanese to classic designs, never miss a mirror in their spatial arrangement.

More curious, what are the benefits of putting a mirror in your home other than to look in the mirror? Here Kania will share information about the various benefits of placing a mirror in the corner of your house. Guaranteed you will not hesitate to put a mirror in every room to get the benefits below!

Beautify the Room

Basically the mirror is a functional room decoration. Besides being able to beautify the room, installing a mirror in one corner or hanging it on the wall can be very functional to fit yourself. Because of the benefits that can beautify this room, you must choose a mirror carefully. Try to find a mirror that matches the interior design that you apply to your home.

If your house has a Japan theme, you can look for a space-saving hanging mirror in neutral colors, such as white or wood. For example the MOKU mirror from Heim Studio which is neither too big nor too small. Laminate wood on both sides of the mirror is also very charming so it will easily beautify your room.

Uniquely, you can use this rectangular mirror in two models, namely horizontal and vertical. Just adjust which one best fits the concept of the room.

The Room Looks More Spacious with a Mirror

You can say goodbye to a room that looks cramped just by adding a mirror in the room. Choose a large outboard mirror or at least a standing mirror to give the illusion of a wider room. Also make sure you put the mirror in a strategic area or corner so that the illusion of the area created can be bigger!

Do not think that a large mirror will narrow the room. There is a Kanou mirror from Heim Studio which is in the form of a standing mirror with a slim model so that it is more space-saving. The Kanou mirror model is available in two colors, namely white and light brown. These mirror color choices are perfect for various interior concepts, ranging from Japanese, minimalist, or modern.

More Adequate Room Light

Putting a mirror in one corner In the past or even in several other corners, it turns out that it can also affect the lighting of the room, you know! Homes that have several mirrors to complement the decor will almost certainly have better lighting. You see, mirrors can help reflect light from lamps and natural light through windows. Your residence will also look brighter and certainly more comfortable to live in.

The bigger the mirror you put can actually reflect the maximum light. However, also make sure you choose a space-saving mirror so it doesn’t make your room look full.

If you can, choose a mirror that can also double as a shelf or storage area, such as the mirror offered by Ezma through Hilda’s Standing Mirror product. In addition to a mirror without a rim, the supporting part of this standing mirror can be used as a storage area for several small or medium sized containers.

More Luxurious with Mirror

By adding a mirror, even just in one corner in your home, the appearance of your home can suddenly be more luxurious. This also applies when you put a mirror in the bathroom or in the dressing room. Of course, in order to look luxurious, you have to be observant in choosing the right mirror model.

Do not believe? Try installing a Beverly mirror from Xavier Home Decor. This mirror has a minimalist design with the basic material of iron pipe which is sturdy and strong, but still looks elegant. Very suitable for you to preen! Putting it in the bathroom or bedroom is an attractive option to make the room look more luxurious.

Mirrors Can Cover Damage

Mirrors in the room can also cover wall damage or severe stains that are difficult to remove from the walls. Of course, you should choose a hanging mirror to attach to the wall if your goal is to install the mirror to cover damage to the wall.

However, do not carelessly choose a hanging mirror. Make sure the mirror you choose can also accommodate other benefits, from reflecting to helping optimize room lighting.


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