Bedroom Feng Shui Interior Design. Learn feng shui basics and how to incorporate feng shui into your bedroom. The bedroom (living room) feng shui is very important as one third of your life is spent in it.

The Top Feng Shui Rules For Every Room
The Top Feng Shui Rules For Every Room from

Reiko gomez is an interior designer and a feng shui specialist certified by the american. She studied civil engineering at the university of east london and is now based in athens, designing interiors and blogging at te esse by velvet. You have to know how to keep the chi katherine tlapa is an interior designer, currently working as a design specialist for modsy, a design service based in san francisco.

Then apply these good feng shui house design to create feng shui harmony in your home with these simple feng shui interior design ideas.

Learn where to position your bed in the optimal location and the taboos. Feng shui bedroom tips | in feng shui practice yin colors represent healing & relaxation. You need to have good bedroom feng shui to encourage positive energy. To help you with this dilemma, i have summarized several general feng shui for house tips and suggestions, when designing or remodeling your house.


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