Biophilic Office Design Examples. A common misconception is that biophilic design translates to adding lots of plant life and shrubbery, it is far more complex than that. With its history of being ahead of the curve, london has welcomed the proven impact of biophilic.

Biophilic Design In Responsible Business Br Matt Aspiotis Morley from

Notable examples include arches and vaults, recreating rock shelves, water paths, and other. However, biophilic design can also extend to using natural. The cross country study found that biophilic design leads to positive impacts on job performance, health and concentration and in turn reducing anxiety and stress, resulting in lower staff turnover and sickness rates.

Biophilic design is the best option for office productivity… in a competitive workplace, productivity is a word frequently on the lip of every manager or business owner.

Silicon valley's tech giants offer a perfect example. So, we thought we'd share some inspiring examples of office interiors that are putting theory into. Biophilic design is a trend in interior design that emphasises contact with nature. Biophilic office design can play a big part in promoting staff engagement!


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