Robbie and Priscilla are a couple who spent a year and a half, turning a school bus into a residence. The two lovebirds admit they prefer school buses to RVs, because they want to spend the next few years traveling over their new home.

The couple also modified the school bus according to their needs. Start by adding features, original stoves, original tiles, original glass bathroom doors and much more.

Here’s Robbie and Priscilla’s fun in their six-wheeled house.

The idea of ​​making a house on the school bus was because Robbie and Priscilla were bored and wanted to get away from the monotony of everyday life

It took a year and a half for the bus to turn into a livable place. They also take the opportunity to rest. If not, maybe the house of this bus will be just one year

The bus, which was transformed into a house, has air conditioning on its ceiling, as well as a stove and heating

When the couple started building school buses, they still traveled. However, there are things that you don’t like, namely having to leave your pets at home. This made Robbie and Priscilla miss him

When traveling, they can explore new places, try new foods and new cultures in them. This experience finally made them change the way to continue their next adventure

Robbie and Priscilla used their new home to travel for nearly 10 months. They left their home in Orlando on March 21, 2019

On their journey, the couple has visited 137 different cities without having an itinerary

Not all of this couple’s journey went smoothly. This bus was damaged twice due to a leak from the window

Future plans, Robbie and Priscilla want to travel abroad. For now, they want to finish the US and Canada first with their beloved cat

If someone asks what Robbie and Priscilla do, they manage the business from anywhere while traveling, as well as take care of some of their existing investments

It’s a very exciting lifestyle by living on a school bus that is a residence. You dare?


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