Books should not be judged by their cover, but housework is still often judged by its exterior. Therefore, don’t be negligent in arranging the front garden of your simple house because that area will be the first to be seen when entering through the gate.

No need to be confused, now there are many ways to organize a simple front garden to make it fresher and even multi functional. Curious? Come on, let’s go straight to the tips and tricks from Kania below!

Use the Right Color Combination

How to organize a simple front garden doesn’t have to be a hassle. Avoid combinations of color palettes that are too crowded, especially if your house has a modern minimalist design. Just start with a neutral color combination that is comfortable blending with the green of the plants. The trick for arranging a simple front garden is also easier because it can be adjusted to the color of the doors and windows of the house.

Tidy Up Plant Collection

Arranging a simple front garden of a house is never far from pots and plants. With beautiful green leaves, the appearance of the front of the house can immediately look cool. However, it must be remembered that if the collection of plant pots is left messy, then the simple front garden arrangement can fail.

The solution to arranging a simple front garden of the house so that it is always neat is actually very easy. Just use a wooden shelf or standing planter like in the picture above as a place to put plant pots. This standing planter model is available in various height sizes. The shape is beautiful and looks natural so it is suitable to be placed in the garden area.

Close Untidy Scenes

One thing that often disturbs the view when arranging a simple front garden is the presence of a trash can. For this, try a neater solution by making a custom trash can cover. For the material, you can use wood. This trick has often been used as part of arranging a simple front garden.

Add Supportive Garden Furniture

In addition to arranging a simple front garden to make it look beautiful, don’t forget about the functionality of the area. By placing a set of garden tables and chairs, it becomes easier to organize a simple front garden. Especially if the front of the house is quite adequate, don’t miss the opportunity to bring extra seating.

If the garden area is limited, you can choose space-saving furniture with a minimalist design, such as the De Grass Wicker table and chair set from Atria above. The frame of the table and chairs is made of metal. Meanwhile, the table surface is made of glass and the seat is made of weather-resistant rattan. The presence of this furniture will make the garden part more multi functional and comfortable.

Prepare a Minimalist Shoe Rack to Be Neat

The key to arranging a simple multi functional front garden is to think about access. Considering that the front garden of the house often leaves piles of shoes, a shoe rack must be present in that area.

A Little Touch for a Homey Atmosphere

When arranging a simple front garden, don’t miss the opportunity to add various small decorations. It doesn’t need to be in every section, but you can start from one corner first. The choice of outdoor carpets, long chairs, to small green potted baskets can make the exterior of the house more cool and multi functional. You will also feel at home relaxing in this area.


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