Home Insurance 100 Replacement Cost. Most homeowners insurance policies come with replacement cost coverage for the structure of your home. We collected thousands of homeowners insurance quotes and calculated the average premium for each state.

Home Replacement Cost Part Ii Nwpc
Home Replacement Cost Part Ii Nwpc from www.nationwideprivateclient.com

How much home insurance do i need? Sometimes, homeowners assume the replacement cost is directly equal to their home's current market value. Home insurance is the most important protection you can have against total loss of your biggest investment.

The following table shows our findings, from the most expensive to the most affordable states for home insurance.

Like most kinds of insurance, the cost will vary. This is where extended replacement cost insurance comes into play. Most homeowners policies will have an extended dwelling replacement clause, providing 25%, 50% or as much as 100% of the original replacement. You'll need deep coverage, up to and including 100% of your home's replacement cost.


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