Everything from Sakura Country is always interesting to enjoy. In addition to its culture, traditional Japanese architecture is also increasingly being applied to several buildings in Europe. Starting from hotels, restaurants, to homes. Now many houses adopt the Japanese style, ranging from bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, or Japanese-style bathrooms.

Traditional Japanese houses tend to be spacious. Parts of the space also looks warm and airy. But now, houses of any size can apply Japanese architectural designs without relying on the size of the room. So regardless of the size of your house, or wherever the house will be built, feel free to make a Japanese-style house according to your taste.

The History of Japanese Architectural Design

Each country usually has its own architectural characteristics, including Japan. Japanese architecture is also actually very diverse and has changed from time to time. Starting from 13,000 BC in the Jomon Period, designs such as Temples, Palaces, Fortresses, Samurai Houses, to now Meiji and Modern designs.

Japanese architecture that changes most often is the interior design of the house, one of which is the change in the Japanese style bathroom. Changes in Japanese architectural design occur to keep up with the times and maximize function and practicality.

Changes in the design of Modern Japanese architecture itself began to change in 1868. The influence of Western culture made the architecture of residential houses and other buildings slightly changed.

While in Europe itself many apply Japanese-style houses or buildings ranging from traditional, modern, and contemporary Japanese architecture.

Important Elements in Designing a Japanese Style Home or Bathroom

For those of you who want to build a house or renovate a Japanese-style bathroom, you should also pay attention to some elements of Japanese architecture. Not only for the bathroom, the following elements apply to Japanese-style interior and exterior designs:

Natural Material Selection

The most important way to present the feel of Japanese architecture is to use wood or bamboo as the main material. The use of these materials can be applied to walls, floors, or furniture or furnishings.

Even in some rooms such as bathrooms, you can use these materials on the ceiling. The use of wood or bamboo material aims to give a warm impression.

As for those of you who live in hot areas, but want to make a Japanese-style bathroom, you can replace these materials with modern materials with the same pattern as the original. Or for those of you who have difficulty getting these natural materials, just use modern materials.

Make a Window

In addition to the material, you also have to pay attention to the opening in building a Japanese-style bathroom. Provide windows with large sizes for natural lighting and ventilation.

Japanese people like wide windows to see the scenery outside. However, the use of bathroom windows at this time must be adjusted to the needs. It doesn’t have to be big, the most important thing is that it can still function optimally.

Limit Furniture

The concept of a Japanese-style bathroom is actually also suitable to be combined with a minimalist architectural style. Because when creating a Japanese-style bathroom interior design, you have to limit the amount of furniture that is inside.

In addition to saving space, limiting the amount of furniture also aims to highlight the spacious impression of the bathroom. Just use the toiletries shelves to be more organized. You can also use portable furniture so that when not in use it can be detached.

Use Sliding Door

Another characteristic of a Japanese-style bathroom is using a sliding door made of wood. Sliding doors or what is called Shoji are usually used to connect the main room with the garden. But you can apply in the bathroom.

The use of sliding doors is suitable for any room, because these sliding doors save a lot of space. So for those of you who have a narrow bathroom, don’t worry about applying this Japanese architectural concept.

Garden or Place Ornamental Plants

If in a residence that is large enough to present a garden in the middle of the house, this applies also to the design of a Japanese-style bathroom. But if the size of the bathroom is less spacious, you can create a small garden in the bathroom.

No need to be spacious, just leave a small space in the corner or one side of the bathroom. if making a garden is not possible, you can create a garden with synthetic plants or put some ornamental plants in pots.


Actually providing a bathtub in a Japanese-style bathroom is optional. So if the room does not allow you to replace it with furniture or other furniture. For example, by adding a bucket with a traditional Japanese nuance made of wood or other natural materials. Another option is to use a bucket or container that is patterned like natural materials.

Interesting Ideas to Make a Japanese Style Bathroom

If you already know what points should be included in making a bathroom interior design in the style of Sakura Country, then you can try it at home. However, for those who are still looking for a suitable bathroom concept reference, you can take a look at some of the following interesting Japanese-style bathroom ideas:

Traditional Full Bathroom

For those who want to feel the sensation of bathing with pure Japanese nuances, you can make a Japanese-style bathroom with furniture full of natural materials. For example with original wooden walls, floors to wooden ceilings. Then the furniture or furniture such as bathtubs, squat chairs, doors and windows made of wood or combined with bamboo and stone.

Modern Japanese Style Bathroom

Well, for those of you who want to apply the Japanese style but still want to look modern, you can take advantage of modern elements in the Japanese concept. For example, ceramic floors with natural stone patterns, bamboo ceilings, and modern furniture. Choose a sink, bathtub, and lounge chair in neutral colors and in harmony with the walls and floor.

Contemporary Bathroom or a Mix of Traditional and Modern

The bathroom is cramped but want to use a Japanese-style concept? It’s really possible. Just use furniture that is minimalist in size and reduce the amount of furniture that doesn’t really work. This contemporary bathroom style is very versatile

adapt to the surroundings. Meanwhile, to highlight the impression of Japanese architecture, you can choose only one natural material. Then for other materials, you can use materials that are easily available and practical to use.

Open or Semi Outdoor Japanese Style Bathroom

Dare to make an open or semi-outdoor bathroom? Guaranteed to be comfortable when you are active in it. Add a small garden as an additional view so that you are more relaxed when bathing. Use natural materials and furniture so that the bathroom looks one with nature or the garden.

Which Japanese-style bathroom attracts the most attention? For those who like glass material, you can also add it. But don’t forget to adjust the conditions of the house and the surrounding environment. Let’s try the bathroom design of your dreams!


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