L&G Home Insurance Policy Booklet. We will pay for any claim you make which is covered by this policy and happens. You should read this policy booklet along with your schedule and statement of fact as together they give you full details of your cover.

Home Insurance Extra Policy Booklet Legal General
Home Insurance Extra Policy Booklet Legal General from img.yumpu.com

Any person noted in your policy schedule and the certificate of motor insurance as being insured and entitled to drive the insured vehicle under your policy. The information in this booklet is subject to change from time to time and is correct and current as at the date on the cover. Check your schedule and policy booklet which tells you what is.

This together mutual insurance home insurance policy is underwritten by uia (insurance) ltd and is in three essential parts:

Please use the download tool below to select the correct version of our policy book based on your circumstances. Your policy booklet includes everything you need to make full use of the services and benefits of barclays travel insurance. Insurance policy information effective date: So even though you know friends and relatives well we still recommend you keep your.


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