Interior design is one of the complements in household needs to beautify the style of your home. Various interesting concepts have been widely used to beautify your home to make it look more comfortable and beautiful. There is one very elegant concept that applies theme inspiration from the nature and climate of the Northern European region. Or better known as modern Scandinavian interior design.

This simple concept can be an inspiration in creating a design style that can be applied in your home. There are several features that you should pay attention to before applying the Scandinavian-style theme. The following are the characteristics of Scandinavian-style interior design:

  • Having a natural lighting system in addition to using lights, which can amplify the feel of nature
  • Use very neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, beige, or brown
  • Prefers furniture that is very simple and has a good function

Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

After you know the characteristics of Scandinavian design, you also have to know the basic elements that are commonly used. Scandinavian-style designs are indeed quite popular these days, apart from being friendly to the environment, Scandinavian designs have their own charm for the audience.

Here are some of the main elements in Scandinavian-style interior design:

Bright colors

Light colors are colors that tend to be neutral. You can use white, cream, or light gray as the base color. Light colors can be applied to furniture, walls, or even roof and floor colors.

Choosing a light color as the dominant color will make your home brighter and brighter. As one of the characteristics of modern Scandinavian interior design which is synonymous with brightness.

In its application, you can use paint or wallpaper with a light color. Just adjust the color you want.

Uses a lot of wood material

Wood material is widely used in Scandinavian-style designs. Wood is synonymous with nature, so you can choose it as an interior design material. Wood gives off a distinctive aroma that other materials do not have. Of course, the aroma further strengthens the uniqueness of the design you are carrying.

The choice of wood also can not be careless. We recommend choosing a strong and termite-resistant wood such as teak. Although the price is expensive, but in accordance with the quality of the material. To reduce the budget, use wood materials on some furniture, such as tables, couches, or frames.

Floor Material

In modern Scandinavian interior design, you can be creative with materials for the basic floor material. So that the impression of back to nature is getting better, use materials that reflect natural nuances such as wood or rocks.

It doesn’t have to be all floors, you can combine it with other materials. For example, for the bathroom floor using natural stone. As for the bedroom and other rooms use tiled floors.

Adequate Use of Items

Regardless of the size of the room that is wide or narrow, Scandinavian-style designs are usually minimal with furniture. As much as possible the furniture is made multi functional and avoids entering furniture that is only used for sweetness.

Besides being able to reduce the budget, a house with few items will make its residents relieved. That way you can enjoy your time to rest to the fullest.

Very Minimal Decoration

The use of decorations in interior design this time is minimized as much as possible. Decorations that are too crowded will make the room look messy. In addition, it is very difficult to care for small items that require special attention.

Maximizing Natural Lighting

Maximizing natural lighting is a hallmark of modern Scandinavian interior design styles. Natural lighting has many benefits. In addition to saving energy, natural lighting is considered healthier because it comes from direct sunlight.

To create natural lighting, you can make a transparent roof so that sunlight can enter directly from above. Or if it is not possible, making many windows with a wide size is also not a problem. Just adjust it to the desired room design.

Ornamental Plants to Beautify the Interior

Giving ornamental plants to support interior design this time is fine. Besides being able to beautify the room, the concept of back to nature that is carried will be felt even more.

However, choose types of plants that are specifically for the interior, such as monstera, Dutch betel, or several types of cacti. You can put it on the counter, sink, or any room that needs it to reduce odors and increase oxygen supply.

Adding Accessories Made of Wood

Then you can add some suitable accessories such as figures, glass, or wall displays made of wood. In addition to adding to the uniqueness in the room, these additional accessories will support the concept of modern interior design.

Those are some of the main elements that must be understood that you can apply. Currently, modern Scandinavian interior design is not only popular in the country. However, it has also begun to attract a lot of attention from design connoisseurs in Indonesia. Even modern housing has carried this Nordic-style concept.

The most obvious advantage of this interior design is the concept of blending with nature and its minimalist style. Designs like this are suitable to be applied anywhere. In addition, a house that has a design like this will bring its own relief and tranquility to its residents.

However, the drawback is the cost is not small. Because natural materials are usually sold at a slightly high price. Because it is considered more unique than the material in general.

The Difference between Scandinavian Design and Minimalist Design

Maybe some people often say that Scandinavian design is a very minimalist design, there is nothing wrong with that statement. However, there are actually slight differences between the two designs.

Scandinavian design is a design that brings a natural atmosphere into the house through the use of materials derived from nature. In addition, the minimization of goods in order to support the relief in the room. So you can enjoy the freshness of nature to the maximum.

While the minimalist concept is based on limited land, giving rise to new ideas to reduce existing furniture. With the aim of making the room look more spacious.

Thus, all furniture that is considered to take up space should be minimized as much as possible or replace it with multi functional furniture. While the material used is free. It doesn’t have to be made from nature like modern Scandinavian interior design concepts.

Although both of them reduce the use of goods, the background for the creation of the two concepts is very much different. However, you can combine the two concepts because they have similarities in terms of the use of furniture.

After knowing what modern Scandinavian interior design is, are you interested in trying it? If you are still confused about which interior design to use, you can look for inspiration on the internet or books. Or, you can consult directly with architects who are more experienced in their fields. Good luck!


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