Still in the new year’s atmosphere, you definitely want to have a new feel in your home, right? Well, changing the paint color in the interior design of the room is one of the light renovations that you can do. The process is fast and inexpensive. Kania suggests trying out a 2-line color room paint. This 2 line color room paint concept is able to create a unique and colorful impression, you know!

Two Block

For those of you who are still hesitant to apply 2 line color room paint. For example, on the wall near the headboard of the bed like this inspiration. The walls are divided into two and painted in different colors. Choose your favorite color. Whether the color is contrasting or matching, both are still cool!

Not Following Wall Lines

There are times when owners of large rooms find it difficult to arrange furniture so that it looks balanced in size. Maybe you want to create the appearance of a smaller bedroom? This 2 line color room paint inspiration could be the perfect choice!

The key is not to paint the walls according to the lines. Then, choose one dark color and one light color. Light paint covers of the wall surface, while dark paint covers the rest of the wall surface. You can see how the idea of ​​​​painting a room with 2 line colors like this can create the illusion of a smaller room, where the top is not too hollow.

Room Paint 2 Colors Large Size Line

Next, there is the inspiration for painting a room with 2 color lines, a combination of pastel pink and white. The color combination itself is very soft and strengthens the feminine impression of the owner of the room. For those of you who carry classic interior design in your home, including classic Japan, it’s really suitable to apply this inspiration. The size of the stripes is large enough to reach the ceiling area and stretches to the side (horizontally) making it suitable for large rooms too.

Classic Stripes

When talking about 2 line color room paint, we must not forget classic concepts like this. The two colors used are white and blue. The size of the line is not small, nor is it big so it is comfortable to look at.

This 2-line room paint fills the entire surface of the bedroom walls. The use of blue does not make the room look dark. All this thanks to the dominance of white on the doors, ceiling, and bedroom fixtures.

Different Size Stripes

Is the classic 2 line room paint too busy for you? Don’t worry, Kania still has the inspiration for a 2-line room paint that is more muted. The stripes pattern in this inspiration has two sizes. Place this pattern in the middle of the room. The color selection is also not too contrasting, namely turquoise green and white in a vertical direction.

Simple, but still gives an anti-mainstream impression to the interior design of the room, right? Combined with a patterned pillowcase like the inspiration above, it still looks beautiful!

Thin Lines of Brush Strokes

For some people, firm lines make interior design look stiff. In this inspiration, 2 color line room paint made with brush strokes. The basic color of this 2-line room paint is white, while the lines are made using blue and yellow in light tones.

Brushes are stroked in different pressures. This trick makes some points have thick lines and some have thin lines. As a result, it looks more dynamic, cheerful, and artsy!

Have you found the 2 line color room paint that fits your heart from the inspiration earlier? If so, leave the painting process to the experts for maximum results! Don’t hesitate to try other color combinations too.


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