Scandinavian-style designs are widely applied to home interiors, ranging from typical Scandinavian rooms, Scandinavian-style kitchens, and other rooms. One of the reasons for choosing the Scandinavian style is because it does not require a lot of furniture in it.

Scandinavian-style architectural designs are in great demand in Indonesia in addition to Japanese-style designs because they are easy to apply. In addition to minimalist architectural design, Scandinavian style is one of the most ogled design concepts because it has many advantages.

The Beginning of a Scandinavian Home

The first Scandinavian home designs appeared in the 1950s in Northern Europe. At that time, typical northern European houses were built using wooden materials with ropes as fasteners and makeshift or very limited home furniture.

However, as the times progressed, Scandinavian-style houses were also built with more modern materials according to their era. Some of the materials that are widely used in Scandinavian style homes are glass and steel.

Apart from being minimalist, Scandinavian-style houses are very distinctive with a choice of neutral colors and a few colors.

Tips for Making a Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Not only the bedroom that will look aesthetic with a Scandinavian design, a Scandinavian-style kitchen will also make you more passionate about cooking. This Scandinavian-style kitchen concept is perfect for a minimalist home but still wants to look warm.

Well, for those of you who want to make a Scandinavian-style kitchen. Here are some easy tips and tricks for decorating a Scandinavian style kitchen at home:

Neutral Color

One of the most prominent characteristics of a Scandinavian kitchen is the color selection. Usually Scandinavian kitchens tend to be neutral and monotonous.

For example, choose a gray color for the walls, then for the furniture, give it a white color. But if you want to be a little “crowded” you can use wooden furniture or just paint it with a wood motif.

In addition, to strengthen the impression of a Scandinavian style kitchen, don’t forget to choose furniture with matching colors or one gradation. Avoid choosing furniture with contrasting colors.

Little Furniture

The next easiest tip to implement is to reduce furniture. Only use the furniture that will actually be used. Reduce the number of decorations so as not to seem crowded and full.

Limiting the amount of furniture does not mean you can’t include decorations in the kitchen. Only use furniture whose color or nuance matches the color of the kitchen. In choosing furniture or decorations, be sure to keep the minimalist concept in mind. Also adjust the amount and shape of the furniture to the area of ​​the room.

Layered Floor

Next to form a Scandinavian style kitchen, pay attention to starting from the floor. Scandinavian-style interior design always gives a warm impression to its residents.

So you can get around the floor with a small carpet in neutral colors or wood motifs. But if it is not practical, you can replace it with a wooden floor. Wood floor motifs are very diverse and colorful, so make sure the floor that is installed does not contrast too much with the initial concept.

Lots of Open Space

The architectural concept of a Scandinavian-style house really makes use of the natural surroundings, both for lighting and ventilation. Therefore, make sure your kitchen is given an opening or window that functions for lighting and air exchange.

However, if the walls in your Scandinavian-style kitchen cannot be made of windows, you can still make openings in the roof to optimize natural lighting and ventilation. Or if you can’t make a wide window, use glass material so that natural sunlight can still enter the kitchen.

However, if both are not possible, you can work around this by placing various green plants to give a cool impression. Make sure the plants you choose do not emit a lot of CO2 or carbon dioxide.

Supporting material

The next tip is to include Scandinavian supporting materials or ornaments. Actually the main material in the formation of a Scandinavian-style room is wood, leather, stone, or hemp rope.

So you can incorporate these various materials to create a Scandinavian style kitchen or choose one. The Scandinavian concept is a combination of abstract forms and natural ornaments. Placing small ornamental plants can also liven up the atmosphere and add to the beautiful impression you know.

Scandinavian Kitchen Recommendations

After knowing the various tips for creating a Scandinavian style kitchen, are you interested in trying it? Or for those of you who are still confused about what Scandinavian kitchen to make, you can first consider the following Scandinavian-style kitchen recommendations:

Kitchen with Simple Design and Light Colors

Choosing the right color is one of the important elements in creating a Scandinavian kitchen. This Scandinavian kitchen design concept is widely used in various countries such as Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Nordic, Norway and Sweden.

The Scandinavian kitchen concept is always evolving, starting from ancient Scandinavian, traditional, then modern, and contemporary. Currently, modern and contemporary Scandinavian concepts are the most popular designs.

In making a Scandinavian style kitchen, choose light colors, such as white, light brown, and light gray. In addition, make a kitchen with a simple design. Reduce ornamentation and limit the use of the number of types of materials. For example, just use wood and mix it with white.

Minimalist Kitchen with Little Furniture

Well, if you live in a study apartment or house with a minimalist concept, the Scandinavian-style design is perfect for your kitchen. So that the kitchen can still function optimally even in a small room, pay attention to the furniture and furniture in it.

Make a Skindinavian style kitchen with a one line or letter L kitchen to save space. Then choose furniture that is also minimalist in size. Reduce ornaments or decorations on walls or tables.

Even though the room is narrow and has little furniture, but if you want to look fresh and ‘alive’, you can add ornamental plants. Put only one ornamental plant but with a high size, such as mother-in-law’s tongue or cactus.

Sweet Kitchen with Patterned Colors

For those of you who don’t like plain colors, you can use colors with motifs that still look natural. To keep the colors harmonious, choose one side of the walls and furniture that is white or a light color.

Then on one side of the wall you can add motifs or ornaments at will. For example, use wooden walls, natural stone, bricks, or paint walls with a similar motif. Make sure the motif is in harmony with the basic color of the kitchen and the color of the majority of the furniture.

Spacious and Beautiful Kitchen

Meanwhile, for those of you who have a kitchen with a large size, you can more freely explore furniture. Use a Kitchen Cabinet or a simple arrangement of shelves with sizes to suit the area of ​​the room.

If the room is not spacious but you want it to look spacious, use minimalist furniture and arrange the furniture neatly so that the kitchen looks spacious.

So, which form of Scandinavian style kitchen do you want to apply? Before deciding on a design for your kitchen, make sure the concept doesn’t stand out too much from other rooms in your house.

Good luck!


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