Apart from being comfortable to use, residential houses should also pay attention to the aesthetic value of the interior and exterior of the building. One thing that needs to be considered on the exterior of the building is the shape of the facade of the house, including the roof design of a modern house. But still make sure the design of your residence also considers the safety aspect.

Before you build a house, first determine the architectural concept of the residence. One of the most widely applied residential concepts is the concept of a modern house. Modern house designs are in great demand, apart from their shape according to the times, the materials are flexible and easy to find.

The hallmarks of modern home designs include designs according to taste, using fabricated materials or materials, simple roofs, and much more. The choice of roof form should be considered in terms of design, cost, function, and surrounding conditions.

Various Forms of Modern House Roof Designs

Modern home designs are flexible according to the times. However, in planning a residential house, you need to pay attention to several things regarding the selection of the shape of the roof. As a reference, here are some basic forms of roofs for modern homes that are the most widely used:

Gable Roof

This type of roof is the roof design that is most often found in several types of houses. Both in rural and urban areas, many use this type of gable roof.

Gable roofs are widely applied to modern homes because they are considered the simplest, easy to manufacture and of course more budget efficient. This modern house roof design has many advantages, such as:

  • Easy roof structure
  • Faster work
  • Suitable in areas with high rainfall
  • Not easy to leak and can absorb heat
  • The shape is easy to combine and adapt to the shape of the floor plan

However, this gable roof is slightly susceptible to strong winds and the sides of the roof that are often exposed to heat or rain will crack more quickly. Therefore, you can add exterior paint to make the roof more durable.

Pyramid Roof

Another modern house roof design that is also often found in modern homes today is the pyramid roof. The pyramid roof consists of 4 sides, where two sides are trapezoidal, and the other 2 sides are triangular.

This type of roof is a subscription to homes with modern minimalist concepts. Like a gable roof, this type of pyramid roof also has the following advantages:

  • Suitable for houses that are on the side of the road and areas with strong winds
  • The structure is more stable
  • Rainwater flows easily
  • There is a lot of free space in the attic that can be used for ventilation and space

However, because the structure is a bit complicated, the pyramid roof requires more costs. The work also can not be as fast as a gable roof.

Combination and Modification Roofs

If you want to make a house with a modern roof design in the form of a saddle and pyramid, don’t worry. You can combine the two types of roofs. Just adjust it to the shape of the house you want. This type of mixed roof is usually often found in rural areas.

But if you like a simpler roof design, you can try a sloping roof. The shape of the sloping roof is half of the gable roof. So the roof only has one side. This roof shape is suitable for modern minimalist homes or houses with small sizes.

The advantages of this sloping roof are that it is easy and fast to work on, and is more cost-effective because of its simple structure.

Flat Roof

The next simple modern house roof design is a flat roof. However, this form of roof is not so widely used in living houses and is more often used in industrial buildings or commercial buildings. Although this type of roof is not completely flat, it is not suitable for areas with high rainfall.

The advantages of this flat roof include that the roof can be used as a roof garden, the shape is easy to follow the plan, and the shape of the building facade looks more elegant.

Examples of Modern House Roof Designs

Now, after you know some basic types of roofs for modern roofs, you can start planning which type of roof to use. Or you can also modify the basic roof forms into various designs. Here are some references to roof shapes for modern homes:

Saw Roof Design

The basic form of this saw roof is a gable roof and a combination of sloping roofs. If the gable roof consists of two sides, this saw roof only takes one side, then the next part is also installed the roof in the same direction. Although the shape is very simple, but the exterior design will look very aesthetic.

This type of saw roof is very environmentally friendly because the vertical roof can be installed with windows so that ventilation and natural light can enter. However, although simple, this type of roof maintenance is not cheap. In addition, the windows on the roof are also very prone to leaks.

Butterfly Roof Design

Still with a modern gable roof design, this butterfly roof design is also a modification of the gable roof. If the gable roof consists of two sides and is triangular in shape, then the butterfly roof is in the form of two reversed sides. So the shape is like the wings of a butterfly that expands.

Arched roof design

If there was a flat roof, now you can try making a curved roof. This type of roof is often found in large buildings such as sports buildings, shopping areas, and other buildings.

This modern house roof design can be used for residential homes because its shape can follow the floor plan. With a curved roof, the facade of the house also looks more modern and futuristic.

Some of the advantages of a curved roof such as its elastic shape and its shape can be adjusted according to regional conditions. So it is safe for homes that are in areas with strong winds and high rainfall. Because of the complex structure and workmanship, it is not surprising that the construction of an arch roof costs more.

Leaning Roof or Skillion

In the initial form of a gable roof, this Skillion modern roof design is also a modification of the gable roof. Even the difference is also very thin. If the gable roofs meet at each end, then the leaning roof is designed asymmetrically. Where one side is lower than the other.

Stacked Roof or Layer Roof Design

This roof design is usually often found in housing types with houses of type 60 and below. Just like a gable roof, this stacked roof is two gable roofs arranged with only slightly different heights.

However, when installing the stacked parts, pay attention to avoid leaks when it rains. This layered roof is suitable for various types of houses.

Whatever form of modern roof design you choose, make sure the roof is in accordance with the safety of the occupants of the house. If you want to modify the shape of the roof of the house, there’s nothing wrong with consulting the experts first.


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